One-on-one consulting

Don’t know where to start? Consult with our experts to get started in the right direction.

We will get to know you and your business in order to create a plan that serves your needs both now and into the future. We will consider your current challenges and potential problems and tailor a solution for you.

With years of experience and a successful implementation history, Syndicate Digital can help form a comprehensive strategy for any Internet-based business issues — from the build and management of cloud infrastructure to Internet marketing strategies to raise traffic on your websites. Our senior technology consultants can colloborate with your business in order to identify, analyse and prioritize solutions specific to your needs. Get in touch with us today.


SEO & Internet Marketing Consulting Services:

  • Search Engine marketing strategy development – Planning/Mapping
  • Search Engine Promotion (References available on request)
  • Viral marketing – Email Marketing and List Development
  • Internet Business Development Strategies / Corporate Structuring
  • Website traffic & analytics tracking & reporting – Funnel Creations for Tracking
  • Micro Site Development to support niche’s within your industry and maximize your ROI
  • Organic keyword research and search description development
  • Meta data and keyword density analysis and optimization tailored to out rank your competitors
  • HTML code optimization and consultation
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Keyword strategy development, research and campaign management for Google, Yahoo, FindWhat and other leading or third tier PPC keyword engines.
  • Content recommendations and optimization to increase relevancy in search engines for target keyword phrases and to increase conversions to list or direct site sales.
  • Manual site submission to the major search engines via new sitemap technology
  • Directory submissions and positioning
  • Blogging and Social Networking to create strong customer loyalty combined with multi media and web 2.0 strategies
  • Ongoing maintenance and ROI tracking


We can help answer you technical concerns, such as:

  • Do we need a dedicated server?
  • What are the benefits of a unix enviroment vs windows?
  • What is the best way to take payments on the internet?
  • Which shopping cart do you recommend and why?
  • We have a complicated custom application that no one understands can you help?
  • Our database system is running slowly how can we increase performance?
  • We have outgrown our current infrastruture , when, why and how do we upgrade with no downtime?
  • We are a succesfull Offline corporation how do we replicate our success Online?
  • Which tools or software systems do we need to purchase to achieve our goals?
  • How do we backup and make our systems secure?